Jeunesses Musicales 60: Looking to the Future
Label: Analekta
Released: April 6, 2010
Catalog Num: AN 2 9927-8

Jeunesses Musicales du Canada ’s contribution to the music scene is immense. For the past 60 years, JMC has presented tens of thousands of concerts to young audiences, families, and the general public from coast to coast across Canada. To commemorate this milestone, Analekta is proud to present an anthology of some of the most important artists associated with the JMC: Joseph Rouleau, Louis Quillico, Angèle Dubeau, André Laplante, James Ehnes, Marie-Nicole Lemieux, l’Ensemble Caprice, Valérie Milot and many more.

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Updated: Jan-30-2014
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